Machete goes to Fox

Machete went from fake trailer to real independent movie, it grew to an all-star cast and now it sits comfortably at 20th Century Fox, who are also distributing Predators (both the Alien and the Predator franchise are with Fox). Nikki Finke reports that after some serious back-door haggling between Rodriguez’ agent and the sudios, who got to see some preview footage, they made a deal with Fox. Machete is currently in post-production. Finke writes,

Paramount balked, so did Fox. But Fox reminded everyone that it was already very much in the Robert Rodriguez business making Predators, and Tom Rothman really wanted him to have a home there, and Rodriguez and Rothman get along well, so a deal was clinched.  (read the complete article)

(via Deadline Hollywood, thanks to Rama’s Screen for the heads up)


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