About the El Rey Network

The El Rey Network is Robert Rodriguez’ US TV channel focusing on the hispanic target audience with classic and new original content, launched December 2013.

Official Links: Official Website | YouTube | Google  Plus | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

This is a growing list of shows and content on El Rey Network:

  • Original content
  • From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
  • Matador (canceled)
  • Lucha libre
  • various action sports
  • reality El Mariachi filmmaking project
  • Licensed content
  • The X-Files (licensed reruns)
  • Classic and grindhouse movies
  • Dark Angel (licensed reruns)



Founder and owner of robert-rodriguez.info, and also the founder of www.tarantino.info, www.spaghetti-western.net, www.grindhousecinema.com and www.furiouscinema.com

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