A Trailer by Quentin Tarantino in Machete?

While all the buzz is around how many Oscars Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglourious Basterds will take home tonight, something completely different reached us last night. There are rumors floating around that Quentin Tarantino will actually make a fake trailer to be shown in Machete, and that director Ethan Maniquis will contribute the (fake) trailer to Machete-sequel “Die, Machete, Die!” starring Danny Trejo and Til Schweiger, thus making the theatrical Machete (or straight-to-video Machete, we don’t know for sure yet) a true entry in the Grindhouse fashion.

Tarantino’s fake trailer will supposedly be titled Agent Orange, as our source writes:

“Set in 1975, it will feature Tim Roth as Agent Ringo Orange, a British soldier who wants to restart the Vietnam war. Roth will share the screen in the trailer with Rick Yune, who will play Li Chan, Orange’s South Vietnamese sidekick. It will also star Sacha Baron Cohen as Colonel Weathers, and Stacy Keach as Doc Franklin, the rumoured antagonist.” (Link: Screenjabber)

And from the original source, which elaborates a bit more on the background:

Machete will be released in the fall of 2010 by 20th Century Fox. Following his split with Rose McGowan, Rodriguez did not produce the “Cherry Darling” trailer as intended. Instead, the film will be bookended by trailers: preceding the film will be a fake trailer by Quentin Tarantino, to be filmed in March 2010, called “Agent Orange”, following a British Soldier (in 1975) who plans to re-start the Vietnam War. The trailer will feature Tim Roth as “Agent Ringo Orange”, the Soldier with a Vengaence; Rick Yune as “Li Chan”, his South Vietnamese Sidekick; Stacy Keach as “Doc Franklin”, the supposed villain; and Sacha Baron Cohen as “Colonel Weathers”, the hotheaded former commanding officer. The trailer following the film will be “Die, Machete, Die!”, directed by Ethan Maniquis, as a proposed sequel to Machete starring Danny Trejo as “Machete” and Til Schweiger as “The Human Savage”. (link)

Too bad we can’t really confirm this at this point, it might be a very cool rumor. Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook….


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