Grindhouse – The Sleaze-filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature

Grindhouse book


When Grindhouse hit theaters in April 2007, the buzz around the geek world was pretty loud. There was a lot of advertisement hailing it as the ultimate throwback to 70s drive-in flicks and how it was a back to back fun ride by two maverick directors. It failed at the box office, maybe because there wasn’t enough marketing that made the subject accessible to non-geeks. Anyhow, this book goes into the making of the movie, the different aspects from the cars to the special effects. It has interviews, the list of all the tracks on the jukebox and much much more. The ultimate guide book to the movie.

Details: April 6 2007, 250 Pages, Weinstein Books, Hardcover, ISBN 1602860149

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