Fire and Ice remake by Robert Rodriguez?

It’s been a bit quiet recently, but that’s only fake silence. There have been some new posters for Predators, which look like nothing special, but it’s nevertheless cool to see some different spins on poster design (click here). The really weird part was when the whole internet started to rumble about race wars and uprisings connected to the fake Machete trailer that Robert Rodriguez released on Cinco de Mayo. On AICN he explains why that’s all bollox and why that is not an official Machete trailer at all neither (click here).

And now for today’s real news: Robert Rodriguez has officially optioned the rights to Fire and Ice, which is an animated movie from 1983 by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, which is available from Blue Underground on DVD and on BluRay. Click here to read what Robert has to say on AICN and click here for a related story at our friends from The Playlist.


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