Machete trailer, Rodriguz music video and Predators character featurettes

Oh man have we been lazy. Yes we’re struggling a bit to keep this website updated, but we’re trying, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, because we usually post stuff there more regularly. So what’s been going on? Basically a bunch of cool shit:

1. Today is Cinco de Mayo, and they have released a special cinco de mayo Machete trailer to the public, that’s just a riot. Head over HERE to AICN to watch it. Don’t fuck with this Mexican, Arizona!

2. They have released a bunch of Predators character featurettes. Watch them here: Noland, Isabelle, Edwin, Royce, and Cuchillo and there’s another Behind The Scenes clip

3. Robert Rodriguez has shot a music video for a local Austin musician, starring Kat Dennings, read about it here: at Slashfilm


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