Machete reviews & Grindhouse out on BluRay!

This is a great week, my friends. Not only can you watch MACHETE in selected theaters, and it is coming out around the world in some very soon, but also we have some reviews for it, and most of them are quite positive! Click here to watch an HD video review of Machete at

This website gives it 3.5/5 for all the goodies you could possibly imagine: hacked off limbs, ripped out guts, boobs, shotguns, Steven Seagal, nude Jessica Alba, nude Lindsay Lohan, other nude chicks, Robert deNiro, crazy explosions, cool lines, an explosive controversial story, and more!

And the moment you’ve been waiting for is here, Grindhouse is finally available on BluRay (and in Canada only on DVD). Click here to read the full news over at The Quentin Tarantino Archives. Don’t forget to LIKE Pistolero on Facebook (click here). And please comment below to post your reviews of Machete and/or the Grindhouse release.


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