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Trejo the Machete Man

Adding to the recent interviews with Robert and Danny, Total Film has a few extra blurbs from the set of Nimrod Antal’s Predators, with Danny Trejo explaining a bit more...

Robert Talks Sequels

Speaking to this week, both Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez spilled some information about a whole bunch of troublemaker business. While at the set of Predators, the sequel in...

Antal talks Brody and Predators

Nimrod Antal, the director of Predators, talked to about his casting decitions, his devotion for the project and some other things. (via Rama’s Screen)

Sony to hack with the Machete

Sony Pictures has picked up the distribution rights to Machete. (via

Photos from the Machete set

Check out some of the first on-set pictures from Machete with Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and the crew! (via Filmofilia)

Latinoreview hacks apart the Machete script

A guest reviewer at LatinoReview got a look at the 87 page script for Machete, and after a lengthy rant, gives it a C-. Does that bode ill? (via Latinoreview)