Robert Talks Sequels

Speaking to this week, both Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez spilled some information about a whole bunch of troublemaker business. While at the set of Predators, the sequel in the franchise based on an original treatment by Robert (and produced by him) and directed by Nimród Antal, Danny mentioned the recently finished Machete might be released in April and the two are already joking about shooting sequels called Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again, in true Spaghetti Western fashion. Machete is of course based on the Grindhouse trailer, and stars a whole lot of talent from Robert de Niro to Steven Seagal (also including lesser talents like Lindsay Lohan, but also amazing cult stars like Cheech Marin, the underrepresented-on-screen Jeff Fahey and the amazing Jessica Alba). Robert on the other hand got to talk a little about a Spy Kids reboot, the script is reportedly already at the Weinsteins. Questions seem to meander back to Sin City 2, and a script seems to be finished since 2007 but it’s yet unsure when the project will be executed. Rodriguez is also set to produce Madman and BluRay releases for the Mariachi trilogy are planned for 2010.

(via: Collider interview with Danny | Collider interview with Robert)


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