Welcome to Pistolero

Welcome to PISTOLERO (The Robert Rodriguez Fansite), the unofficial fan-operated blog! We are a sister-project of The Quentin Tarantino Archives (www.tarantino.info) and part of the 3FF CineCoalition (www.triplefeaturefoundation.org). We stand in no connection with Mr Rodriguez, his companies and/or associates. Thanks for surfing by and we hope you like what’s coming, namely all the news and gossip about the “REBEL WITHOUT A CREW” (which was actually the working title for this website). We are terribly under-staffed, and we are actively seeking co-editors and other help, so if you are a fan and would like to help us, please get in touch with us. We need contributors for news and gossip and we also need to fill our page with information about Robert’s movies, music and other work. Send us an Email!

UPDATE: As of October 2015, this website was revived and relaunched under the new title The Robert Rodriguez Archives. We hope you like it!


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