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Sony to hack with the Machete

Sony Pictures has picked up the distribution rights to Machete. (via

Photos from the Machete set

Check out some of the first on-set pictures from Machete with Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and the crew! (via Filmofilia)

Latinoreview hacks apart the Machete script

A guest reviewer at LatinoReview got a look at the 87 page script for Machete, and after a lengthy rant, gives it a C-. Does that bode ill? (via Latinoreview)

Planet Terror (2007)

Planet Terror is a 2007 exploitation-style horror/sicko movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. There are two versions of this film. A shorter modified version that was part of the Grindhouse double-feature,...

Curandero (2005)

Curandero is a 200r horror film directed by Eduardo Rodriguez (no relation), written and produced by Robert Rodriguez. Cast: Carlos Gallardo More info soon News blogposts on Curandero Trailer: External...

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a writer and filmmaker who broke to fame with his 1992 crime film Reservoir Dogs. He met Robert Rodriguez on the festival circuit that year and they...